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TeleSec NetKey 3.0

Smartcard with TCOS 3.0 and the applications SigG, NetKey, Access, Flexitime and OneTimePass

The NetKey card was developed as a strategic product. On delivery it contains the abovementioned applications which provide different algorithms and tools for identification, authentication and decryption and the high quality key material that was coded into the smart card in the Trust Center of Telekom Security.

Main feature of the TeleSec NetKey 3.0 is the secure storage and usage of asymmetric keys. While the application Netkey uses keys suitable for advanced signature, the application SigG application contains asymmetric key material that has been generated by a key generator confirmed according to the German Signature Act. This generation process allows the reloading of qualified certificates.

The Netkey 3.0 is available as a "single signature card" or "multi-signature card". Unlike single signature cards MSCs allow the creation of more than one signature after PIN entry. As this may be a security issue the usage of MSC is subject to special requirements with respect to the application environment.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know what to consider.

Feature overview

  • Intelligent processor chipcard with the tailored chipcard operating system TCOS (TeleSec Chipcard Operating System) developed by Telekom Security
  • Cryptographic algorithms RSA2048 bit length, DES, 3-DES and IDEA
  • Four X.503V3 certificates for advanced signature, decryption and client server authentication
  • Access protection for firewalls, routers, web servers, internet service providers, secure domain login and/or remote login
  • Authentication of end customers by Telekom Security Trust Center when using OTP services
  • NetKey Applikation (NKS) for advanced signature and decryption
  • Applications for Access control (ZTRT), Flexitime (GLAZ) and OneTimePass (OTP)
  • Proven quality of the key material by a quality seal of the Telekom Security Trust Center
  • Evaluated by TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH according to Common Criteria EAL4+

Smartcard Produktion in Nepthen bei T Systems

Our service

  • Delivery of product relevant documentation
  • Delivery of the TeleSec NetKey 3.0 chipcard
  • Provision of interface software
  • Further variants available upon request
  • Chipcard with individual customer layout available upon request


Technical details

Operating system:

TCOS 3.0

Instruction set:

compliant to ISO 7816


Common Criteria EAL4+


Blue TeleSec layout, white or customer layout upon request

imprinted card number


ID-1 (CB), ID-000 or chip modules on reel


T=1 acc. ISO 7816-3

Chip type:


Chip evaluation:


Memory space:

in total: 72 kByte (EEPROM)

Key length of RSA:

up to max. 2048 bit






Telekom Security provides drivers and middleware to facilitate the integration of TeleSec NetKey 3.0 into software applications.

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Ordering process

For ordering your TeleSec NetKey 3.0 please send us your request including your preferred TCOS Smartcard, order volume and your contact information. After checking your request we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ask us for the current price list for TCOS Smartcards.