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Root Programm ⋅ Overview


The Root Program of Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH represents the overall compliance management for our public key infrastructures. As such, it manages the Root Certificates and ensures that Intermediate Certificates under these Root Certificates are operated in compliance with the relevant requirements. For TLS/SSL server authentication certificates, these requirements are requirements from the CAB-Forum (including the so called Baseline Requirements), from ETSI standards for trust service providers as well as additional requirements from different manufacturers of operating systems, browsers and other applications.

Our Root Certificates

In our Trust Center we are operating multiple public key infrastructures with the Root Certificates “T-TeleSec Global Root Class 2” and “T-TeleSec Global Root Class 3”. Besides that, additional project-specific Root Certificates are being operated.

A Root certificate is the highest certificate in the hierarchy of a public key infrastructure and is self-signed. By installing the Root Certificates in applications (e.g. browsers), all certificates issued within that hierarchy can be validated. Note, that the Root Certificate itself only issues Intermediate Certificates.

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Our Intermediate Certificates

In the Telekom Security Trust Center and under the Root Certificates, we are also managing different certification authorities for end-entity certificates. Additionally, we also issue Intermediate Certificates for other operators of certification authorities.

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Root Program ⋅ News

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