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Secure e-mail communication is of central concern in modern companies. With the service of the E-Mail Encryption Gateway (EEGW) confidential and mandatory e-mail communication is from now on available. The EEGW enables all employees of Deutsche Telekom to send encrypted e-mails to any internal or external e-mail address or to receive and to encrypt e-mails from there.

In order to enable secure e-mail communication the EEGW has been integrated into the existing e-mail infrastructure. The EEGW allows encrypted and/or signed e-mail communication with internal and external partners regardless of previously exchanged information for decryption, such as certificates or public keys. Therefore, the EEGW is one of the most innovative secure messaging services.

With the EEGW, a future-oriented tool is available for you and your recipients in the Deutsche Telekom group, which allows secure e-mail communication without complicated technological requirements.

The E-Mail Encryption Gateway ensures:

  • that the e-mail content is protected and its integrity is preserved by using an optional digital signature,
  • that after registration access to encrypted e-mails is granted without the requirement of any certificates and either by a *SSL*-secured web application or by password-protected PDFs,
  • that an encrypted and/or digitally signed e-mail communication on the basis of the security standards *S-MIME* or *PGP* is available.