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Secure Elements & Smartcards ⋅ Overview

Today, we all move as a matter of course in the digital world of the Internet. We assume different identities for different purposes: in chat rooms we act naturally, when shopping online we shop with our real name, when we are on some social media platforms we choose a pseudonym and at work we are assigned a user name.

Digital identities are the key to digital service worlds. The difficulty in the online world, however, is that the identity of the counterpart is difficult to verify. This makes it all the more important to have secure digital identities that not only clearly authenticate people, but also protect them against theft and misuse and can be flexibly adapted to different use cases.

To acheive this goal users and companies need secure products implemented in soft- and hardware that can easily and flexibly be used in different digital contexts.

Telekom Security has many years of experience and extensive knowledge in implementing evaluated and certified products that perfectly satisfie the need for secure digital identies.

Our solution portfolio includes standard products for integration into existing systems, ID card systems as used in identity cards and passports, as well as individual project solutions for all areas of application or Secure Element Services. Telekom Security provides support from consulting and prototyping to the effective operation and rollout of products and solutions.

Your advantages

  • Own chipcard operating system 

    You benefit from mature solutions based on the reliable operating system TeleSec Chipcard Operating System (TCOS) that is developed by Telekom Security since 1990.
  • Market leadership in the field of identification systems

    Our team has many years of experience and extensive knowledge in implementing evaluated and certified products and solutions. More than 190 Mio. Smartcards with TCOS are in the field - among others in electronic passports and national ID card (e.g. German ID card, passport, residence permit).
  • Secure storage and anchors for digital identities 

    TCOS Smartcards and Secure Elements support a broad range of cryptographic functions for signing and de-/encryption, for unambiguous authentication and identification of persons or IT components as well as protection against copying and plagiarism
  • Hardware security in various form factors 

    Certified hardware security elements provide cryptographic functions that protect personal data from attacks such as side channel attacks, manipulation or "reverse engineering", thus ensuring secrecy, integrity and authenticity. Various form factors of TCOS products (e.g. smartcard or embedded Secure Element within a mobile phone) provide flexibility for different use cases.
  • Wide range of applications 

    TCOS Smartcards and Secure Elements help meeting governmental requirements as eIDAS or PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2). Fields of application are e.g. secure access solutions, authentication as well as Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, eHealth, Automotive and Machine-to-Machine.
  • A one-stop service

    Telekom Security provides smartcard and secure element based solutions and products from consulting and prototyping to the effective operation/rollout and lifecycle management - all from a single source.

Our solution portfolio

secure elements smartcards 1

TCOS Smartcards

Pocket-size security!

Standard products with TCOS operating system, with or without preinstalled key material.

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TCOS Passport

TCOS Identity Solutions

Secure identities for official documents!

Identity solutions for electronic passports and national ID cards based on TCOS.

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TCOS Lösungen

Secure Element Solutions

Ready for a (hardware-)secured future!

Individual products and services for e.g. eHealth, Transportation, IoT und Industry 4.0.

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TCOS Services

Secure Element Services

Lifecycle management & Co. for secure hardware!

Innovative all-around services for easy use of Secure Elements.

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