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Secure Element Services

Hardware security enables highly secure storage of data worth of protection - software cannot achieve this for all use cases.

Hardware security elements provide fuctionality that protects personal data from sophisticated attacks such as side channel attacks, manipulation or "reverse engineering", thus ensuring secrecy, integrity and authenticity. Despite these advantages, many solutions are still implemented based on software.

At Telekom Security, we want to make the high security of hardware available to everyone. Therefore, we offer Secure Elements services that are easy to implement, use and maintain. You don't have to worry about anything - we take care of it.


We currently offer the following services:


Trusted Service Manager

Hardware security for mobile services


Cash Register

Innovative services for secure POS systems

Trusted Service Management System – OPTIMOS

The digital world is becoming increasingly mobile. Streaming, online shopping, social media, online banking - the number of available online services and their service providers seems endless. The number of devices used to access these services, on the other hand, can often be reduced to just one: the smartphone.

Modern smartphones are equipped with Secure Elements, which are available in various form factors, e.g. as embedded security elements (eSE) or SIM cards (eUICC). Secure Elements are not only functionally closely related to the well-known smartcards, they also achieve their high security level by using highly developed security functions and are therefore suitable for storing data that is particularly worth protecting.

This is exactly what was addressed within the funded project OPTIMOS 2.0.

The funded project OPTIMOS 2.0

The funded project by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, BMWi) targeted the creation of an infrastructure for mobile services fulfilling the criterias of an open and practical eco-system to the full extend:

  • The OPTIMOS eco-system is accessible to service providers and technology suppliers on a non-discriminatory basis,
  • Customers are able to choose between as many service providers as possible and
  • National and European requirements for IT security and data protection are fully supported.

Telekom Security's Trusted Service Management System (TSMS)

Within this project Telekom Security is developing a Trusted Service Management System (TSMS) to enable the provisioning of data and applets into Secure Elements of mobile devices. Service provider are now able to secure their mobile services by using hardware security.

The TSMS is the connecting link between the service provider on one side and the Secure Element provider on the other side and therefore is the only contact adress needed for both parties. The platform takes care of the whole lifecycle management.

Secure mobile services for various sectors

The OPTIMOS eco-system offers technologies for secure eID services level "substantial". Relevant use cases are, for examples, mobile digital ID cards or critical services such as Ticketing, Carsharing or health services.

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More information about the funded project OPTIMOS 2.0:

OPTIMOS 2.0 - Development of an open, practical infrastructure for mobile services (Smart Services World II technology programme)

OPTIMOS – a practical ecosystem of secure identities for mobile services



Cash register

According to the law for protection against manipulation of basic digital recordings, new and existing POS systems must be equipped with a technical security device (TSE) that is certied according to the technical guideline TR-03153 of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

This cash register law poses major problems for merchants and terminal suppliers.

Not only terminals have to be retrofitted with appropriate hardware but also a BSI TR-03145 - certified PKI solution has to be operated. Furthermore, an archive for digital cash register records must be organized.

Our services

    • TCOS CSP in the TSE 

      Telekom Security offers a certified technical security device (TSE) in cooperation with Swissbit based on the TCOS operating system. The solution is implemented in a plug-in module and can easily be integrated into existing POS system without a complex hardware intervention. The TSE can be ordered as USB-, SD- or microSD-component.
    • TSE-PKI

      Telekom Security's PKI solution fulfills the requirements of BSI and is certified according to BSI TR-03145.

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More informationen about TCOS CSP and TSE-PKI:

Fiscalization / cash register law - overview

TSE-PKI (according BSI TR-03153)