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Secure Element Solutions

Identities are worth protecting - this applies to both real world and online world. With the large number of identities we have to assume in the various areas of our everyday life, this protection can quickly become an issue.

With Secure Elements & Smartcards, Telekom Security offers a portfolio of solutions that protects digital identities by complying with the highest security requirements and at the same time allows a high level of user-friendliness.

In individual projects, we develop highly reliable Secure Elements solutions, tailored to the customer's area of application.

The use of hardware security elements has already proven itself in many projects. Scenarios are, among others:


e.g. digital radio network for authorities

IoT & Industry 4.0

e.g. cash register


e.g. eTicketing, tachograph, toll


e.g. smart metering HSM


e.g. automotive HSM

...and many more.