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New issuer certificates at the Shared-Business-CA

In the Shared-Business-CA we will roll out the two new Sub-CA certificates of the Shared-Business-CA at the end of Q1/2022.


The new certificates

  • TeleSec Business CA 21: for all certificate types (except server) under public root
  • TeleSec Business TLS-CA 21: for server certificates under public root.

should already be downloaded from the following URL

and distribute it in your environments.



  • All certificates issued under the issuer "TeleSec Business CA1" are still valid until they expire or are revoked.
  • After rolling out in the shared business CA, the new certificates will no longer be issued under the "TeleSec Business CA1", but - depending on the certificate type - will be issued as described above.
  • Browser: you do not need to do anything at this point because the CA certificates are automatically transferred to the trusted root store.
  • For issuer certificates under an internal root nothing changes at the moment.

We will implement the changes shortly and inform all our customers about this again.


Ihr Team der SBCA.


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