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Server.ID (ServerPass): Information on the omission of the OU field

Due to international requirements, TLS/SSL certificates under public roots, thus also Server.ID (ServerPass), may no longer contain the OU field as of 01.09.2022. This affects new orders, renewals and reissues of all product variants.

No action is required for certificates that have already been issued.

The OU field(s) of a CSR will still be displayed but will no longer be included in the certificate.

There may be systems that may not import a certificate that differs from the CSR (due to omission of OU). To work around these possible compatibility issues, use a new CSR without OU for your certificate request and do not use the renewal function.


For technical reasons, the elimination of the OU fields will already be implemented on August 30 via an update. If you still need a certificate with an OU field, the corresponding order documents must reach us by August 25 at the latest so that we can release it before August 30.

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